@PeterDeneff - great soundscape design... tragic reality. Thank you for helping tell it. #uff #genocide #Phila #local #film

— Phila Indie Film (@PhilaIndie) October 29, 2013

"Once again, the film got a thunderous applause at the end with many people standing. Your music was terrific. It carried the story and emphasized Pete (Ammel's) tremendous acting performance without overpowering it."

"Thanks to you, Kevin and Pete we have made a film of which we can truly be proud."

"Thanks again for your wonderful music."

--Robert Gregg, Producer, Jack London's Love of Life

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The film was also previously chosen by the Great Lakes Film Festival as one of the top features, and the film's musical score, composed by Peter Deneff, was a finalist at the Moondance Film Festival in New York, which is the third-largest film festival in the world behind Cannes, France and Sundance. 10/15/2012